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The Lonmin Massacre of 16 August 2012

And they mowed them down with automatic guns. Just like in the movies‚Ķexcept, there were no sound effects. No slow motion for emphasis. Just dust. It sounded like fireworks going off. A thunder of explosions that could excite or terrify. Fast and gritty. A memory snatched by time amid the recollection of a dream. It … Continue reading

How To Get Out Of Life Alive

I want to tell you how I really feel. Firstly, know that I love you, for your beauty and your ugliness. You’re the manifestation of the divine within all of us. I love you for your bravery. To dare to live. The world is scary. Our fears are not imagined. And how our fears twist … Continue reading

The Hurricane

What will I do with these feelings, this hurricane inside that must die an inner death? This hurricane must die an inner death for I will feel the worst for it were it to come out, to scream its way into you. This hurricane must stay secret because it is a weapon that I can’t … Continue reading

What is Liberalism?

Liberalism is the idea, born out of a privileged existence, that if you can do it anyone else can. A skewed idea of equality that is blind to the socio-economic issues on the ground. An idea that, in fact, treats those mired in the most poverty with contempt. – “We’re equal so pull yourself yourself … Continue reading


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