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How To Get Out Of Life Alive

I want to tell you how I really feel.
Firstly, know that I love you, for your beauty and your ugliness. You’re the manifestation of the divine within all of us.
I love you for your bravery. To dare to live.
The world is scary. Our fears are not imagined.
And how our fears twist and turn us!? It is easy to end up not recognizing the beauty that is inherent….the beauty that is wired in our genetic makeup. The yang to our yin is gaining prominence, precedence over our everyday living, over the yin that allows us to let go and let be. It has been for a few millennia now. We are baying for blood because we need someone to blame. Little do we realize the lesson to be learned. That, as Ms Hill said, everything is everything.
The yang has always been strong because it is the epitome of the survival of the fittest for us, the part that is our animal nature…
Aren’t we blessed with the understanding that surpasses all comprehension?

The answer to the question: are we animalistic or do we exercise the consciousness that has been gracefully bestowed upon us by the forgotten divine that we are? – will be our salvation or our demise. This is a question for the abuser and the abused. The one who thinks he is most clever is usually the most shortsighted.

See. Our dreams are not imagined either. This is our moment to be the best we can be, and change the world for the better.
Our fears get in the way, and they make us selfish. Turn us into the worst that evolution can ever imagine into being.
You are the light charting the way forward. Don’t you see? You imagine the times and they happen. Nothing is out of your grasp. You are the driver of this ship. Whatever happens is because you deem it so.

When did this unraveling start?

You are the macrocosm of the whole world, of the zodiac. The world is falling apart because you’re falling apart. Stuck in old ideologies that don’t reflect your present and have never reflected your heart but your greed for more life. Power is a dangerous strength to house.

When did this start? How come you are twisted so?
Child! Lay down your fears. Your beauty is mirrored in everything around you. You are blessed. To see a rose, smell and touch a rose and understand its heartbeat (surely a rose has a heart). Truly blessed to feel you’re one with the rose…even if fleetingly.
Some people have flying dreams but you have metal dreams.
Hopping in the hope of flying away on a bed of intentions.
God laughs in the face of intentions. Preserve your innocence, protect it, stand up for it.
It is the only way you’ll get out of life alive.
We are the manifestation of God.
Like the sand particles that make the beach, unique in shape, but the same in form and fitting like a puzzle to show the whole picture.
Do you see the bigger picture?
It is beautyful!
We are graced with the consciousness of the divine that we are. We have forgotten our origins. And so the world is in turmoil. Our self induced amnesia can be cured. God has put children on earth to remind us of our origins.
Be innocent like a 3 year old child. Giving lots of hugs, jumping into a lot of fires, needy…very needy, and, seeing an opportunity for a roaring great experience in every moment you encounter. See that every moment is new and can never be relived again except in memory. And memory is a poor substitute, but we treasure it more because we don’t respect the intensity of a moment in our existence except in retrospect. You are not special if we are not all special. Stop the madness. I love you. Love me. I am you. Look at your reflection. My heart is bleeding for us, for me. I am all of us, you are all of us. Be love. This is the sole reason you exist. Learn to understand what love is and you’ll never see another desolate day. And we, the collective, won’t then either. Life is so beautyful. Listen to the beat of your passion and you will understand. You are so much bigger than your fears….and you will live forever.

You have become most ugly, child of the universe. You are betraying your origins beautyful morning star, bringer of a new day. What is bothering you? Why do you want it all? You can’t have the moon and the sun, you will be incinerated, diminished into an empty, ashy, husk of your greatness. And you won’t win or lose. Hell is limbo in human lingo.

I bring this dream to life through the strength of my convictions. But who am I to dare to speak with such authority?
Embrace justice and you will know empathy, love. This life we’re dreaming into being is bigger than us, but is a soft cushion for the dreams that our progeny will be initiated into. Not through any intention of their own or ours.

Will we pepper our children’s dreams with ours, which; though filled with uncertainty and pain; will be firm in their resolve to leave the world a better place? We are at cross roads. Let love reign. And there can be no love without justice. Selah


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One thought on “How To Get Out Of Life Alive

  1. Word!

    Posted by Asanda Mali | October 31, 2012, 11:22

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