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The oppression that exists between the two of us

She wore brown dungarees. A yellow t-shirt, Jackie Brown laughing with a poofy afro on her heavy breasts. In her takkies she walked with a swagger that most claim is the abode of men. She had an exuberance for life, a big laugh and a warm heart. She feared no one, and wanted to make … Continue reading

I kissed the sun and got burnt mama

I kissed the sun and got burnt mama When they tried to pull me down I thought it was with jealousy in their hearts Well it was But their jealousy would have been my salvation A salvation I would never stand for The kiss was sweet mama As I fell into ashes I saw the … Continue reading

Little lost girls

Once upon a time A little lost girl Was found wandering in her helplessness By the king of lies As is the nature of lost little girls She found solace in his deceitful heart Had she known that her heart was to be their dinner Lost little girl would have snapped out of her reverie … Continue reading

Jozi Maboneng

This place fits so well with music. My melody glides over the days of our lives. Your life is music….a symphony I know, I know So is mine Everything is music here Discordant or not There’s a music to our lives That holds us in its grasp And once it has a hold on us … Continue reading

The bass is king

The bass is king Holding a delicate balance between melody and rhythm That’s the beat! The bass is the beat Strings tugging at your heart’s wilderness Bringing it home Where you at?…, it asks Feel…. In the middle of this here hurricane Lies a beautyful black pearl Just for you In here is the thread … Continue reading


Empty ache full of unrealized expectations…. Dull heart that has beat to no promise With every encounter she downgrades her love philosophy He dismisses pain Easily… Yet finds solace, and his madness In it….on occasion He says, ‘you’re a walking distraction’ And the first time it was romantic It spoke of fireplaces and blankets Naked … Continue reading

A Place Of Dissolving

I find myself in a magical world of words Teasing my solitude Questioning my intensity Mocking my darkness It is as beautyful as it is sinister I have to piece together a set of words that will bring me home To a place of dissolving For I can no longer hold these broken pieces together


The corruption starts inside In the way we squander the beauty we are blessed with It doesn’t help that this beauty is free of charge We only value things we can buy


I think about you when the city lights come on I think about you at dusk Somehow I associate you with the end of the day The open arms I come to Silly notion, for I do not come home at dusk Still I think about you And I hope you’re happy That would make … Continue reading

Life And Love

And we are born again into a new day Springing from dreamscapes To catch a glimpse of wonderment Yesterday is dead Through the rabbit hole we escaped And now we are here My heart’s pleasure is the sight of you As my eyes peep through the mild wonder of being born You see me….I see … Continue reading


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