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Anti-black thesis

Black anti excellence
Adored, liberally expressed upon us
Leaders of accepted black thought
Non threatening
Adorable and cute
Declawed cats
Maybe they never had claws, who knows?….except for some, who forgot their place
We often are clouded by our perceived notions of who people are
Based on our notions of success
Based on our conditioned, inferior/superior complexes

You only have to remember the child
Throwing stones out of frustration
To know that they’re tragically off the mark

You have forgotten what this is all about
Park your ego in the shading they provide

It is about evoking the ancient spirit that shaped blackness
Not rejecting it for supposed greener pastures

Each word you spew
Is testimony to an anti black thesis
When did you lose your faith in the way
The way that has warmed our starved sleeping spaces
Laying a blanket of peace on our fraught dreams
Your words are like madness,
Flipped inside out
You say the opposite of what you should mean
Go left, surely meaning go right
Surely you see this

I understand
Power can remove you from everyday little people tragedies
I’m sorry if I’m hard on you
But life is a matter of life and death
I wonder if from your perch you see this
From a binocular perspective it might be idyllic
But let me invite you in
Let us break bread together
Feel me

And stop shading me
Prolonging my oppression
Putting it all on me
I’m no innocent
I’m just trying to survive in a madness not of my own creation
Yes corruption has set in
It’s name is individuality
Ayn Rand style
I come first always

Seemingly you do too
It has never been about me


About Simphiwe Dana

Musician, Writer, Activist, Mom


3 thoughts on “Anti-black thesis

  1. I salute u mamjoli for giving life to an inspirational soul sister that I look up to, music wise and poetry wise wawubaphiwe wena usipha isidima sozithanda njengabantu abantsundu.. Otatu biko no sobukwe ngebezele luchulumanco ubona ba izifundiso zabo still linger in our african sisters minds as for many have lost touch with reality and are still in the dark! Enkosi cc

    Posted by Thandokazi | November 23, 2012, 16:47
  2. Thanks, hard-hittings and sure. Give me leaders who value thought, like Sankara or Cabral, or even Nyerere, Neto, Machel (and unsung women leaders, the ones like Thelma Awori, Saran Daraba or Betty Bigombe, women-nurturers) – because the black project of re-humanisation of the world (or as my friend Hamilton Faria in Brazil puts it, re-enchantment of the world) is the ‘WE’ project, not the ‘ME’ project, the ‘our’ world, not the ‘my’ world. And I can say this from the humble position of being an Afrikan, though of more recent arrival than most.

    Posted by John Stewart | November 23, 2012, 18:13
  3. Yes yes

    Posted by jenny | November 23, 2012, 22:29

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