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A New Kaleidoscope

A quiet in the middle of your storm A comfortable drone Drowning out the noise You can pluck out a note In the drowsy melody Curl up and sleep Leave the fight for another day Maybe this is the storm’s purpose To rip apart and rearrange your life While you lie down and take it … Continue reading


The tree falls and winter comes The giant saviour that became the saint Is on the last journey back to his origins Time worn, like an aspiration compromised They wait on the sidelines The whole world waits For the covenant made with him is too strong a bind To snap before the tree falls Though … Continue reading

South Africa 2012

The rainbow dissolves….creating new colours The truth is lost as panic sets in The die is cast The stage is set The hope is gone Their hisses like gongs There shall be no more pretenses The time has come for our deadly dance Start the music Let my people come to the dance The child … Continue reading


Escapism Poetry in one word This one word is my refuge Realist that I am It gets too much It all gets too much Smile stretched to breaking point Bones melting inside my resolve The seeing is for a few For the rest it is business as usual Partaking in the feasting Feasting on life … Continue reading


Betrayal You get used to it You may even understand The human condition makes such complex creatures of us You try move on Smother the pain With smiles and laughter And loving company Learn to live with it until you can’t You blame yourself You were at fault You must become better So they won’t … Continue reading

Biko, Biko, Biko

Biko, Biko, Biko We lament, scream, from our porous shacks Our back rooms in masters’ quarters We don’t even know who the enemy is anymore Holding together these broken dreams Dying at the hands of our brothers and sistas They have joined the ranks of our masters On our knees, serving, so we can be … Continue reading


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