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South Africa 2012

The rainbow dissolves….creating new colours
The truth is lost as panic sets in
The die is cast
The stage is set

The hope is gone
Their hisses like gongs

There shall be no more pretenses
The time has come for our deadly dance
Start the music
Let my people come to the dance

The child stands in the middle of it all
Malnutritioned by their utterances
So many nuances
In a country of klevas
The clamour of tens of millions of voices
The child looks on
Sunken eyes,
Fascinated by this display
She can only look on
She might as well be invisible
In the impassioned din circling her

She is the future they fight over
Yet she is invisible
Except in their words
Yes, this is the age of the Individual
And yes, individuals do flock together
In the way they knit their thought process
Weave a magic that makes them innovate in ways that only they, can

The child is our humanity
Our humanity is our future
Our humanity comes, when we marry our dreams, to those of the world around us
The point where individuality meets The collective
Please meditate on this
Before it is too late


About Simphiwe Dana

Musician, Writer, Activist, Mom


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    Posted by Trevor | December 7, 2012, 13:04

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