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Of Love and Light

You light my smile. Flood my heart with joy. I become all things cliche. Tongue tied. Words run away from my fire

Leave a light in your heart
So I won’t get lost in my fears
Of love being a kind of a death
Of love being a taker
Of love selling my soul
For a few minutes’ pleasure

Then I will always find my way to you
Even in the wilderness of my forgetfulness
As sometimes we forget beauty for the darkness that is always only ever kept at bay by love
Give me your light then
Open your heart so I can see
And find my way to love


About Simphiwe Dana

Musician, Writer, Activist, Mom


2 thoughts on “Of Love and Light

  1. wow dats all i cn say

    Posted by bulelwa paliso | January 13, 2013, 14:05
  2. It is that ever elusive gemstone,
    To find its true form is every man’s dream,
    to really attain it,a thing of a milestone,
    From afar it looks alluring,of light a beam,
    but it is a blessing as it is a curse,
    To those who have it nothing has ever tasted sweeter,
    Two sides to a coin of course,
    To those who’ve lost it,the after-taste couldn’t be more bitter,
    An entity known to take up many forms,
    to it no adages apply,water is thicker than blood,
    over the loss of your mother’s you can get,the loss of a stranger’s you can die from,
    if opposed,between­ kinships can cause bad bloods,
    a drug necessary for man to survive,
    and like many bad habits it can leave one high and dry,
    Necessary for survival,but potent enough to lead to your demise,
    known to build you up to break you down,in your own tears you can drown and die,
    love…the cure and the cause of my blues

    Posted by khaya bomi pop | January 19, 2013, 22:41

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