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(lyrics with translation…) Ubukhali lo mkhonto? – (Is this spear sharp?) Ubuthuntu lo mkhonto? (Is this spear blunt?) Bamloya waphendukel’ isizwe (they bewitched him, he turned on the nation) Wasifulathela was’shova ngengolova (turned his back on us, shoved us with guns) Wasishova ngengolova ( shoved us with guns) Wasifulathela wasishova ngengolova (turned his back on … Continue reading

Sarah lyrics

Swaying to the wind But you can’t touch the sky Woah woah woah Woah woah woah Naked as the day Your born-to spat you out Woah woah woah Woah woah woah Silly me silly me How can I not understand Born for this  You were born This Silly is the mind Saying I can touch … Continue reading

Firebrand lyrics

Andingekhe Ndilingene Izulu Andingekhe Ndilingene Elozulu Uzawuse uba liso Liso lam Liso lam  Kunobuthathaka Ema…emagxeni Uzawuse uba Liso liso lam Kulomvandedwa The firebrands They burn from both ends That is the way it should be I’m a firebrand  And this is my last stop I hear the footsteps of the unborn Calling me I’ve laid … Continue reading

Madiba lyrics

Tree falls winter comes They wait on the sideline Timeworn promised land The whole world’s inconsolable Madiba ndima ndima Warrior sleeps  Our fears Keep the saint alive To save us another day  Warrior sleeps There are many more hills to climb The nostalgia’s holding us still There are dragons still to be slayed There are … Continue reading

Was It All? (Moratuwa)

Was it all just a lie What you say Was it all just a fib That you spew out of your mouth Yeah he Was it all just a reason to get away From my disaffection My random sessions In the water  I can never be the one Who makes you sad Baby baby baby … Continue reading

Killjoy lyrics

How deep do your waters run? Have you been through the fire yet? Fine How deep do your waters run? Have you been through the fire yet? Fine Thought I was clever In my own way Till I met you I was clever You’re my killjoy You kill my joy Thought I were the sun … Continue reading

Masterpiece lyrics

You were the centerfold In my existence I forgot myself In you my darling I wanted to be better for you In any way possible I could never be the same Be the same You know my heart  Is yours to have You were the masterpiece I am not what you need So I sing … Continue reading

Let’s Go Dancing lyrics

Wanna say I love you I do not know how Wanna say I need you  I do not know how   Wanna feel you breathe Body next to mine Let me hear your heartbeat Let me hold your hand If I say let’s go dancing Would you love me yeah Would you love me yeah … Continue reading

Sabela lyrics 

Sabela Woyiswa yintoni na Sekubalele vuk’ ekuseni Thwel’ umkhonto siye khona Marikana iyasibiza Yasibiza babo Siyobek’ izikhali  Marikana eh Mizi ngemizi Mizi ngemizi Sasondela Woyiswa ngonyama ni na ding’ isali nje ubeyinkomo Bakuloyile na Ngepen’ emdaka na Who yo yo oho Uth’ umhlaba womile Mhlab’ unxaniwe ehe Abantwana bethu Sebekulomhlaba Sebevele ngentloko Sabel’ uyabizwa Sabel’ … Continue reading

Jiya Jiya lyrics

Thwel’ umkhonto siye khona Marikana iyasibiza babo Ungesabi sabel’ uyabizwa babo Marikana wahlaz’ isizwe babo Mhlaba womile  Mhlab’ unxaniwe Kati ilele eziko Wen’ ungummeli ekhaya Thath’ izikhali Wen’ uphakeme he Wen’ uphakeme Wen’ unamandla Zondimela  (Uzosabela) Hamba kahle (Uzosabela) Thole lesizwe  (Uzosabela) Sabela (Uzosabela) Sohlala sonke Ngeny’ imini Bazophendula Xa ubizwa sabela Hamba kahle Ngeny’ … Continue reading


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